As Simple As Possible

All school applications must be made directly to the Head Office of Prime Arts in London, and we are devoting to get back to you within 24 working hours. Following optimised application steps as follows you will find out our application process is as simple as possible.

Contact us now to learn about the most up-to-date entry requirements and admission policy of the school. We will guide you step by step throughout the whole application process; we will help you make an interview appointment with the school, providing useful interview advice and insightful suggestions in portfolio preparation for your students.



One Contract, All Schools - PRIME ARTS represents almost all art & design schools in the UK. PRIME ARTS values agents' work and offers a very competitive commission rate to our partners around the world. Our contracted agents receive 100% commission from PRIME ARTS partner schools. If you are making applications on behalf of your clients, the first step of your application is to become one of our contracted agents. Please download the Agent Questionnaire, fill in with your company/personal information and send it back to us. PRIME ARTS have established a very good relationship with our agents around the world and always consider them as our first priority.


Please fill in the Application Form with required information carefully. The forms shall be filled in with English only. Incomplete form, or the form without the applicant's signature is invalid which may cause delay of your application. Each applicant is allowed to list up to three schools within the application form.


Please read the Application Check-list carefully, missing any of the listed documents may cause delay of your application. If your documents are not in English, please supply along a certified English translation. We accept documents in forms of pdf, jpg, png, doc and docx. Please send the complete PRIME ARTS Application Form along with documents stated in the Application Checklist, to


Portfolio is the most significant component of your application. In order to make assessment of your essentials of basic art training and potential, we would like to see 10-15 pieces of your previous work of art with simple briefing. The art pieces should be related to the course you are applying for, for instance, drawing and painting for Fine Art, skectbook for Fashion and photos for Photography. All the art pieces should be assembled within one PDF file (less than 20MB).


After we have received the PRIME ARTS Application Form and checked the completeness of your documents, we will arrange an interview between the applicant and the school admissions. The interview will last around 20 minutes and will be your opportunity to present your portfolio and to discuss your ideas, interests and aspirations with a course tutor. The school admissions will talk about your influences in fashion or art & design, your portfolio and other cultural interests such as cinema, theatre, media, performance or literature. Discussion will largely revolve around your portfolio of creative work.


PRIME ARTS makes sure our partner schools make decisions within 2 weeks. If the application is successful, we will instruct you on subsequent matters - accepting the Offer Letter, making payment, preparing for the visa application, etc. If the application is unsuccessful, we will make diagnosis and revaluation of the applicant and suggest another school that is suitable for the applicant. We make sure all the applicants get admitted by the schools that most fit their academic superiorities and potential.